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Espoon Kirjansitojat tunnus

Espoon Kirjansitojat r.y. – Esbo Bokbindare r.f.

Nordic bookbinding 2018

Nordiska bokband 2018 • Kirjansidokset Pohjoismaista 2018

Latest News

B eautiful! -exhibition, where are presented Nordic Bookbindings and Bookbinding gems from The National Library of Finland. The exhibition is open to May 14. Opening hours follows The National Library opening hours.



• A total of 72 binders have enrolled into the exhibition; 23 from Finland, 18 from Sweden, 18 from Denmark, 4 from Norway, 8 from Iceland and 1 from the Faroe Islands.

Binders have now a little less than a year to submit their works to Finland.

• We have decided to extend the registration time for Nordic bookbinding 2018 until 30.6.2016.