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Espoon Kirjansitojat tunnus

Espoon Kirjansitojat r.y. – Esbo Bokbindare r.f.

Nordic bookbinding 2018

Nordiska bokband 2018 • Kirjansidokset Pohjoismaista 2018

Latest News

The exhibition is hereby over after the tour through all Nordic countries.

The books have been returned from Denmark to Finland without any damages and returned to the binders according to the participant list.

Many thanks to all participants and persons and parties who made the exhibition possible.

These web pages will be operational until April 2021



• Beautiful! -exhibition, where are presented Nordic Bookbindings and Bookbinding gems from The National Library of Finland. The exhibition is open to May 14. Opening hours follows The National Library opening hours.


• A total of 72 binders have enrolled into the exhibition; 23 from Finland, 18 from Sweden, 18 from Denmark, 4 from Norway, 8 from Iceland and 1 from the Faroe Islands.

Binders have now a little less than a year to submit their works to Finland.

• We have decided to extend the registration time for Nordic bookbinding 2018 until 30.6.2016.