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Espoon Kirjansitojat tunnus

Espoon Kirjansitojat r.y. – Esbo Bokbindare r.f.

Nordic bookbinding 2018

Nordiska bokband 2018 • Kirjansidokset Pohjoismaista 2018

Nordic bookbinding exhibition

Nordic countries have a long collaboration in bookbinding.

The exhibition is now being held for the fourth time. This time Finland will be the host country and is responsible for the entirety. Earlier the organisers have been in Sweden, Iceland and Denmark.

Each country organises bookbinding exhibition in their own country. In Finland, the exhibition will be held in cooperation with the National Library 1.3 - 14.5.2018, after which the exhibition will tour all the Nordic countries.


Until 1990, bookbinding competitions were held in various categories. Only professionals were allowed to participate. In 2001, it was agreed that the exhibition will be implemented without the competitive element. Participation is open to all, thus to amateurs as well. Countries take turns in organising the exhibition every four years. Each country plans the project and is responsible for it. The host country has remarkably free hands in shaping the project.

The only competitive element in "Nordic Bookbindings“ exhibition is that the jury will select 25% of the exhibition material worthy of an honourable mention.

Highlights of Bookbinding -exhibition in National Library

An exhibition called “Bookbinding Gems” is also held at the National Library in connection with this exhibition. There will be the older bookbinding collections of the National Library. These exhibitions together give an idea of the change in bookbinding styles.