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Espoon Kirjansitojat tunnus

Espoon Kirjansitojat r.y. – Esbo Bokbindare r.f.

Nordic bookbinding 2018

Nordiska bokband 2018 • Kirjansidokset Pohjoismaista 2018


Espoo Bookbinders registered association

Espoon kirjansitojat r.y. - Espoo bokbindare r.f. is a Finnish bilingual nationwide bookbinding enthusiasts' association, which was founded in 1998. It has approximately 120 members. Some of the members are professional bookbinders.

The association's purpose is to develop bookbinding knowledge and skills of its members, to promote the sense of belonging, and bookbinding culture.

The association makes joint purchases of bookbinding materials and tools for the needs of its members. The association organizes excursions to the attractions of the field, and participates in various crafts exhibitions helping to create knowledge on hand-making skills. The association may also organise small-scale educational events and lectures.

The association keeps in touch with Nordic bookbinders’ societies and is involved in the organization of the Nordic exhibitions. This time, the association is the organisation solely responsible for the Nordic exhibition.

The association's website can be found at The association has also a group on Facebook.